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Geriatric Foot Care (Skin & Nails)

Singapore has one of the most rapidly ageing populations in the world, and it is estimated that by 2030, one in four people will be aged over 65 years, and, that this will rise to almost one in two by 2050. The prevalence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease increases with ageing, as does the proportion of elderly people developing multiple chronic conditions. Subsequently, many older people typically have complex healthcare needs and are higher users of healthcare services. Mobility in an ageing population is paramount to maintaining independence and quality of life.

Podiatrists form an integral part of the health care team for the ageing population. By playing a key role through identifying, treating potential and managing active foot pathology that can reduce mobility and managing general foot care. Which would otherwise be left unattended and could lead to more serious problems, including infection, hospitalization, and, in a worst-case scenario, even amputation (due to severe ulceration secondary to diabetes / gangrene.

Do you have thicken/dystrophic/ long toenails that you are struggling with or simply can’t reach your feet / after a "medical pedicure"?


Not to worry! No matter what the cause whether it be diabetes, a decrease in flexibility, eye sight problems, or a loss in strength, if you’re finding it difficult to attend to your own nail and foot care, our podiatrist can help and you never have to hide your toes /feet again. Excess skin can build up and become hard, cracked, and painful. Through some consistent care. We can provide a complete level of care for your whole foot by getting your feet looking neat and tidy, all at the comfort of your own home!


It's more than just nail cutting nails.

Once the assessment is complete, we will undertake treatment of your feet that will be suitable to your needs. We will then provide you with information on regular maintenance and how to keep your feet healthy between visits.  We can schedule regular appointments to take care of this important service so you know you are doing the best on your feet.

We can diagnose, treat and manage many conditions, including:

  • Monitor your foot health

  • Early identification and management of any diabetic foot-related complication or general conditions you may have 

  • If you have trouble tending to your feet (poor eyesight, reduced flexibility, reduced fine motor skills, bed-ridden) 

  • Reduce risks associated with diabetes

Onychogrphosis, thick nails, aging , difficult to cut nails, elderly nails The mobile foot dr

Why do we develop thickened nails?

  • Repeated trauma

    • Ill fitted footwear

    • Injury

  • Systematic conditions

    • Psoriasis (with ridges in nails)​

    • Circulatory conditions

      • Reduced blood circulation​

    • Type 1 and 2 Diabetes

      • Poor circulation

      • Trauma – which often goes unnoticed due to neuropathy

      • General susceptibility to fungal infections – resulting from high levels of glucose in the blood

  • Fungal Nails (with discolouration)

  • Weakened immune system

  • Smoking

  • Ageing 

A thickened toenail is easily treated, by a combination of removing any prominent nail pieces with a pair of nippers and reducing the nail bed using a nail drill, leaving your nail looking much happier. Don't worry, its absolutely painless.

General nail care in an important part of our home visit Podiatrist’s job. If you need a friendly podiatrist to visit you at your home/ aged care facility, contact us today!

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