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Our Journey

"Bringing positive change to people’s lives by helping them achieve their goals"

Established in 2021, The Mobile Foot Dr was the first private podiatry practice to operate 100% home-visit basis. 

At The Mobile Foot Dr, we specialize in treating people of all ages with general skin and nail care-related conditions, and preventative diabetic foot care.  It may not always be easy to make it into the clinic to see a Podiatrist, particularly when you have foot health issues. Providing allied health services, like Podiatry, to patients in their own homes ensures that they receive the care they need to maintain their quality of life.

Podiatry being a niche field, we noticed the lack of awareness and foot health knowledge in the community. Podiatrists form an integral part of the health care team, especially for the ageing population, which is on the rise in Singapore. Podiatrists play a key role in assisting the ageing population with general foot care, which would otherwise be left unattended and could lead to more serious problems, including infection, hospitalisation and, in worst-case scenario, even amputation. As we step foot in this journey, we also aim to spread foot health awareness to the community and educate the public. 

Our Practitioner

Safinah Kalifulla

Our Podiatrist Safinah Kalifulla, who is also the founder of the clinic, graduated from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia in 2019  and had previously completed a Diploma in Biomedical Science at Republic Polytechnic (Singapore). Podiatrists are highly trained allied health professionals with institutions requiring students to complete 1000 hours of supervised clinical experience before they graduate from their four-year tertiary studies. Safinah is also a current active member of the Podiatry Association Singapore. She is also fluent in both English and Tamil language. Apart from Podiatry, Safinah runs another business, Ancientouch, where she caters to the wedding industry. 

Our Values

We prioritize a patient-centred approach

We embrace diversity

We treat every person like our family

Your goals are our goals

We create a joyous experience

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